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Community + Group classes

Serving Silicon Valley Yoga studios, with offerings catered to every level of practitioner. Expect a thoughtfully-sequenced, strength-building and alignment-focused class.

Corporate instruction

Classes offered in a work or business setting are designed with the busy, stressed, overwhelmed-by-life practitioner in mind. Ideally, the stability and ease we experience on the mat through explorations of the body-mind-breath connection, is aptly reflected in all areas of life.

One-on-one study

Recognizing our boundaries and limitations is an invitation to either work within them or go beyond them. And it’s all about discernment. Through healthy collaboration, your one-on-one practice is an opportunity to deeply explore what that means for you.



about jenn.

Over a dozen years ago, I found myself in an alignment-based Iyengar class taught by a man that had quite a bit of patience, and not a lot of faith in me. Arguably, for good reason. The youngest by at least 40 years, I’d rush in and out of postures, marveling at how long I could hold tree pose compared to everyone else, and assess the “progress” I’d made with darting eyes during savasana. Mine was a practice that lacked self-discipline and integrity, measured by anything and everything I deemed measurable.

Fast forward several years. I began discovering that a yoga practice was more than something to measure or strive for, but a way to thrive. It became a way to notice my thoughts and actions, and shift the way I chose to see the world. Thanks to my teachers, colleagues, friends, family and countless others, the thriving and growth continue.

Through my teaching, I hope folks see an honest and authentic side to the yoga practice, and that their scope and view of 'what yoga is' broadens. Yoga is not just stretchy pants and pretzels. It truly is for all. It's connection, it's community, it's a journey from the inside, out.

-Jenn Smith Thorp, yoga y'all. 


“a friend. is someone who supports your breath.”

nayyirah waheed  |  poet

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